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Deadwood - David Milch: The Meaning of Endings

We've been working quite some time to get to this place. On this week's episode of WatchThis W/RickRamos, Ibrahim & I sit down to continue our discussion of - arguably - the greatest series ever produced for television, David Milch's Deadwood. After a cancelled fourth season, and two two-hour movies that were never made, Milch was finally able to give his series the send-off that it has always deserved. On this episode we discuss the success in restarting this major work, the full arc of such characters as Al Swearengen, Seth Bullock, Alma Garret, The Whore Trixie, Sol Star, Charlie Utter, and so many more, as well as  the performances that brought these characters to life. This was a great time. Two friends sitting down to discuss a story that has consumed - at least one - of our lives. Take a listen and let us know what you think. Questions, Comments, Complaints, and Suggestions can be directed to Thank You So Much for your continued support. 

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