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This week on WatchThis w/Rick Ramos, Rick is visited by good friend, comic compadre, and fellow fattie, Mike Black as we sit down and talk about the films of Tommy Lee Jones including his new "Feminist" Western THE HOMESMAN, as well as the MIB films and THE THREE BURIALS OF MELQUIADES ESTRADA. It's a conversation that races all over the place, but always - somehow - manages to get back to the point. 

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We double up the episodes this week on WatchThis. Today I'm thrilled and honored to have Maryum "May May" Ali - daughter of 3-time World Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali - step into the Fortress of Ultimate Darkness. We talk the new documentary I AM ALI, as well as our mutual times at The World Famous Comedy Store and her current career in social work and public speaking. We talk the history of her father, his religion, Vietnam, and (difficult for Rick) the rivalry and Ali's treatment of former heavyweight world champion "Smokn'" Joe Frazier. It's great to sit down with an old friend and catch up. Thanks for listening. 

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On this weeks episode of WatchThis w/Rick Ramos, Rick sits down and tears through the wonders of Christopher Nolan's new film INTERSTELLAR starring Academy Award Winner Matthew McConaughey. Ramos discusses the importance of personal filmmaking and how it plays out in the lives of viewers. Along with INTERSTELLAR he discusses 2000's MEMENTO and 2002's INSOMNIA. Listen for an in-depth discussion of the true meaning of filmmaking. Thanks for listening. 

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On this late dropping edition of WatchThis with Rick Ramos, Rick takes it on the road going back to his own personal Hell. . . The World Famous Comedy Store. This week he's visited by fan favorite Mike Black who brings with him up and coming stand-up comic and co-star of this summers blockbuster hit THE EQUALIZER, Johnny Skourtis. Nothing better than three Fatties sitting around talking trash, laughing, and reminding themselves of why they got into this in the first place. Have fun. 

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On this weeks episode of WatchThis w/Rick Ramos, Rick talks WWII discussing David Ayer's FURY along with Robert Aldrich's 1967 suicide mission classic THE DIRTY DOZEN, and rounding it out with the - criminally - underseen Sam Fuller classic 1980's THE BIG RED 1. Ramos also discusses turning 40 and the struggles in coming to terms with that. Thanks for listening. 

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