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Blue-Collar Immigrant, Breaking All of the Rules - Belushi (2020)

On this week's episode of WatchThis W/RickRamos, I find myself flying solo because of audio problems. My good friend and podcast partner, Mr. Ibrahim Chavez, is unable to join me this week, so I find myself forced to go it alone. This week the podcast is dedicated to the memory of SNL Legend, John Belushi. From the First Class of "Not Ready for Prime-Time Players" through groundbreaking roles in National Lampoon's: Animal House (1978) & The Blues Brothers (1980), both from director John Landis, Belushi was a proven powerhouse. He was one of the greats and I love sitting down to remember this great comic through the recent Showtime documentary Belushi (2020 - Dir. R.J. Cutler). It doesn't stop there. I also look at the career of his cast-mate, Gilda Radner. With a recently released documentary from director Lisa D'Apolito - Love, Gilda (2018). That's the episode. Take a listen. It's a li'l bit personal. Hope you like it. Questions, Comments, Complaints, & Suggestions can be directed to Many Thanks for Your Continued Love & Support. 


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"A Patriot Must Always Be Ready To Defend His Country Against His Government" - Jim Garrison

Oliver Stone's JFK (1991)

On this week's episode of WatchThis W/RickRamos, Mr. Chavez & I sit down to discuss a masterpiece of cinema, and Oliver Stone's greatest achievement, JFK (1991). Fifty-Seven years later, the controversy surrounding that fateful day in November continues to haunt our country. Oliver Stone's dramatization and exploration of the Kennedy Assination, the controversy surrounding the Warren Report, Louisiana District Attorney, Jim Garrison's prosecution of Louisiana Businessman, Clay Shaw (the only case ever brought to court regarding the Kennedy Assasination) and our nation's continued fascination with the paranoia and perceived conspiracy of the assassination shaped and drove one of the greatest films ever made. With an all-star cast including Kevin Costner as Garrison, Ed Asner, Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, John Candy, Michael Rooker, Jay Sanders, Laurie Metcalf, Sissy Spacek, Joe Pesci, Tommy Lee Jones, and Gary Oldman. A truly great film that we are thrilled to discuss. Take a listen and let us know what you think. Questions, Comments, Complaints, & Suggestions can be directed to Our Thanks for Your Continued Love & Support.


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The Fat Man Won't Sing: Showtime's The Comey Rule 

On this week's episode of WatchThis W/RickRamos, Mr. Chavez & I sit down to discuss the Showtime original film, The Comey Rule. This is a hit-and-miss film that falls short of doing it's subject matter justice. Featuring Jeff Daniels as former F.B.I. Chief James Comey and Brendan Gleeson as President Donald J. Trump, as well as a host of character actors filling in various supporting roles, this is a film that had a great deal of potential, but is one that we take great issue with. I'll leave it at that, so that you can take a listen and determine for yourself if our criticism is fair and balanced. Questions, Comments, Complaints, & Suggestions can be directed to Our Most Sincere Thanks for Your Continued Love & Support. 

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Inventing the Past; Creating the Future; Controlling the Present - George Orwell's 1984 & V for Vendetta

On this week's cinematic adventure, Mr. Chavez & I sit down and continue our stroll through Politics, exploring cinema as a way of better understanding this strange and dangerous world. This week we take a look at one of the great works of literature, George Orwell's 1948 masterpiece 1984. This Michael Radford film has great beauty, power, and importance. It is a thrill to sit down and watch two greats, Sir John Hurt and  - in his last screen appearance - Richard Burton. We discuss the film and the source material for a continuing worried and paranoid look at "Groupthink" and "Big Brother" as it exists in our world. We couple this screening with the James McTiegue directed (Wachowski produced) V for Vendetta. Take a listen and feel free to contribute at if you agree, disagree, or have anything to add. Thanks for the continued love and support.

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"There's Nothing As Trustworthy . . . As The Ordinary Mind-Of The Ordinary Man" - Lonesome Rhodes

November Goddammit! We're starting our dive into politics with one of the greatest looks into the media end of the political system - The Elia Kazan directed, Bud Schulberg scripted 1957 Classic    A Face in the Crowd. This is an incredibly important film that feels essential to our understanding of the current political system. Featuring a star-making debut from Andy Griffith, and supporting roles for Patricia Neal, Lee Remick, and Walter Matthau, there's not a great deal that I can put down on this one. All I want to say is that I found it an incredibly moving film that we should have paid attention to in 2015. The episode isn't fully focused on Kazan's film, as I veer off into a political rant on this, my 46th birthday. Take a listen and celebrate with me as I treat myself and you to one of the great warnings in cinematic history.

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