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"There's Nothing As Trustworthy . . . As The Ordinary Mind-Of The Ordinary Man" - Lonesome Rhodes

November Goddammit! We're starting our dive into politics with one of the greatest looks into the media end of the political system - The Elia Kazan directed, Bud Schulberg scripted 1957 Classic    A Face in the Crowd. This is an incredibly important film that feels essential to our understanding of the current political system. Featuring a star-making debut from Andy Griffith, and supporting roles for Patricia Neal, Lee Remick, and Walter Matthau, there's not a great deal that I can put down on this one. All I want to say is that I found it an incredibly moving film that we should have paid attention to in 2015. The episode isn't fully focused on Kazan's film, as I veer off into a political rant on this, my 46th birthday. Take a listen and celebrate with me as I treat myself and you to one of the great warnings in cinematic history.

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