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Rick Ramos and Lee Syatt talk about two Godzila films. The 1954 original Japanese version and the 2014 version currently in theatres. We also talk about losing weight and take our first listener phone call.

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Rick Ramos and Lee Syatt discuss prison films and how they portray life in prison. Rick and Lee also discuss how they would fare in prison, which is not well for either. Thank you for listening!

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Rick Ramos and Lee Syatt talk about how their mothers influence their lives and the movies they watch.

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Rick Ramos and Lee Syatt welcome comedian Steve Simeone in studio. Rick and Steve talk about life and what it's like trying to make it in the entertainment industry.

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Rick Ramos and Lee Syatt talk about the life and career of Nicolas Cage. Focusing on his newest movie Joe, Con Air, and Bringing Out the Dead.

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Rick Ramos and Lee Syatt talk about The Passion of the Christ a little bit but spend most of the episode talking about how films relate to real life and how race and religion play into our every day lives. Very interesting talk.



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Comedian Mike Black joins Rick Ramos and Lee Syatt to talk about Marvel movies.

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Rick and Lee break down their decision to go to film school during two very different periods in the art form. What art school did and didnt do for them, and how they feel about the entire experience. Rick also talks about the movies he saw this past weekend, Noah, Bad Words, and The Raid 2. Finally, Lee and Rick break down and discuss a lot of the nuiances that make film edition so important.

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Rick and Lee talk about the 1980 classic Blues Brothers. Rick also breaks down the music of the film like no one has ever done before.

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Rick breaks down what he loves most about the old muppets vs the new. And we discuss the evolution of the car chase.

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