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This week I welcome Comedian and Friend Martin Moreno to WatchThis. Martin and I talk about our shared past on the Comedy Circuit as well as his phenomenal success as part of Gabriel Iglesias' (Fluffy) Stand-Up Revolution Comedy Tour. But the big "get" is Martin coming on to talk about the BDSM World and the dissapointment, and missed opportunity, that is 50 Shades of Grey. Enjoy as we have an open and honest discussion about sex, shaming, liberation, and personal acceptance and growth. This was a particularly fun episode to record. Hope You Like It!

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Sorry I've been away for this long, but the new episode of WatchThis w/Rick Ramos is now up. This week I talk about Oliver Stone, focusing on his masterpiece JFK, a film that I think is his masterpiece (he feels the same way) and it's importance as not only an artistic document, but also a political one as well. Enjoy the show and thanks for your continued support. You know I love you guys.

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Hello Folks, Rick Ramos here. I wanted to get one last episode in before the end of the month. A few months back I got hit up by a WatchThis listener - Mr. Alan Lamberg. We started talking over email and I found a kindred spirit. He suggested we do one anothers' podcasts. So here goes . . . the first (of hopefully many) crossover episodes. So he set this up through Skype and the miracles of modern technology, I was able to sit down with a man I find myself respecting more and more. The entire Pacific Ocean couldn't stop this podcast from happening. So please enjoy my conversation (in Los Angeles) with Alan Lamberg (in Nagano, Japan) - Co-Founder of Corner Film Productions & Writer and Co-Producer of 2012's Casualties of the State, an exceptional Film Fan's Film. Enjoy my conversation with my new friend. Thanks for listening and Thanks for your continued support.

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This week we go after one of the great filmmakers of the last thirty years, the incomparable Spike Lee. On this episode we take a look at two of Spike's greatest works: 1989's Do the Right Thing and 1992's Malcolm X - Two films that define his power, reach, and importance as a filmmaker. Ramos describes the brilliance of both films and the problems that he has with both of them. Either way Mr. Lee is a difficult subject and Ramos hopes that he does his two films justice. Ramos also talks the 87th Academy Awards . . . A mostly satisfactory showcase (with one major problem). Many Thanks for Your Love & Support. You Are Appreciated!

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This week Rick Ramos tackles the Academy Awards. Ideas on how the Awards should be handled and the utter disappointment in this years nominations and likely winners. Have Fun and let me know what you think. Thanks.

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A bit of a shorter episode this week, but one wherein Ramos finds out how little he understands about Romance. Tonight - once again - we pop open The Guinness and take a look at Cameron Crowe's 1989 Romantic/Comedy/Drama SAY ANYTHING (which Rick realizes how much he dislikes the film - far cry from his original feelings about the film). He also talks about Billy Wilder's 1960 Classic THE APARTMENT with Shirley McClaine, Fred McMurray, and the great Jack Lemmon, who Rick goes on a movie lovers' tangent, and - finally - the criminally underseen John McNaughton lost gem, MAD DOG & GLORY - a film that Rick is thrilled to talk about and recommend. Take a listen and, as always, have fun as we get into the movies. Thanks for listening. 

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After an unintentional week away from the podcasting world Rick Ramos is back with a new episode of WatchThis and a Vengeance driving it. Today we talk ASSASSIN films. The Struggle, The Pain, & The Battle between Good and Evil exemplified by George Armitage's comic take on Killers for Hire, GROSSE POINTEBLANK, John Woo's Hong Kong Action Masterpiece from 1989 THEKILLER, and - finally - Luc Besson's controversial and powerful 1994 hit LEON: THE PROFESSIONAL. Take a listen and have a little bit of fun as I take us on a tour through the movies. Thanks for Listening and Thanks for the Support!


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Oh Yeah! On this weeks episode of WatchThis w/Rick Ramos, Rick goes after the Media with a vengeance. After a dissapointing viewing of Michael Mann's new film Blackhat, Rick takes a trip down the Rabbit Hole into Mann's filmography examining the director's criminally underseen 1999 masterpiece The Insider. Featuring brilliant performances from Russell Crowe, Christopher Plummer, and Al Pacino, Rick brings you one of the most powerful films of the 90's and a superb examination of the media and personal bravery. Continuing the theme he takes a look at - one of his favorite directors - Sidney Lumet & Paddy Chayefsky's 1976 Academy Award winner Network - a film that radically altered the landscape and has proven sadly prophetic. You're not going to want to miss this episode. Once Again, Thanks for Listening & Thanks for All of the Support! It Is Appreciated.


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This week on WatchThis Your Movie Watching Buddy, Rick Ramos, sits down to talk a little bit of John Cassavettes and the 1974 Independent Classic A WOMAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE and the struggles of sanity. He quickly moves into the Beauty & Magic of Binge Television Watching. This week we get into THE SHIELD, BREAKING BAD, DEADWOOD, RESCUE ME, and SHAMELESS. A whole lot of TV, but Ramos isn't doing much of anything else so enjoy.

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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to the 1st Episode of The New Year. Rick Ramos comes out of the corner throwing haymakers to the head and body. On this edition of WatchThis Rick dishes on the beginning of the New Year. He discusses Mark Wahlberg's new film THE GAMBLER, as well as a recent screening of the BACK TO THE FUTURE TRILOGY. Then the Jack Daniels kicks in and Ramos gets down talking about his favorite documentaries of recent years: JODOROWSKY'S DUNE (Director Frank Pavich) detailing the failed science fiction project that Jodorowsky speaks so passionately about some thirty years later. He also goes over Keith Fulton & Luis Pepe's LOST IN LA MANCHA, a heartbreaking behind-the-scenes account of one of the tragic losses of cinema, Terry Gilliam's almost quarter century effort to adapt Cervantes' DON QUIXOTE. This one will break your heart. Finally, he finishes with Molly Bernstein & Alan Edelstein’s incredible biography, DECEPTIVE PRACTICES: THE MYSTERIES AND MENTORS OF RICKY JAY, easily one of Ramos' favorite films of the last ten years. Enjoy the Show and Thanks for Listening.

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