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This week Ibrahim & I get back to our discussion of the portrayals of Native Americans in Cinema. Spanning the Silent Film Era and the John Ford Legacy of "The Red Savage" into the re-evaluation of Native Cultures beginning with Arthur Penn's 1979 Dustin Hoffman classic, Little Big Man, and into the 1990's resurgence with Kevin Costner's Academy Award Winning Revisionist Western, Dances With Wolves.  We finish this study with a look at the Native push to make personal films that come from Native writers, directors, producers, and actors. There are some beautiful and powerful examples of Cinema in this discussion as well as a look at documentaries, namely, Neil Diamond's Reel Injuns (2009) - a fascinating study of the history of American Indians in Cinema. There's a lot said, a few moments of anger and frustration, and a great deal of hope as we discover the gems hidden in the trash of American Cinema. As always, Our Thanks & Love go out to you guys! 

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