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On this week's episode of WatchThis W/RickRamos, Ibrahim & I sit down in The Fortress of Ultimate Darkness to talk Gun Control. No doubt a difficult subject, we take a look at a few documentaries that examine this divisive issue. We look at Emil Chiaberi's 2010 documentary Murder By Proxy: How America Went Postal (AKA Going Postal). A heartfelt and thought-provoking examination of workplace violence and the people it has affected.  We also take a look at William Gazecki's Waco: Rules of Engagement, a film that looks at the mid-'90's struggle between the Branch Davidians and the ATF which resulted in death, controversy, and questionable governmental action. We finish with Michael Moore's 2001 Cannes Award winning documentary Bowling for Columbine which looks at the events of April 20th 1999 in which two "loner" high school students opened fire on their fellow classmates. Using this as a jumping off point, Moore goes onto examine the overpowering role of gun culture in the US. Not so much an examination of these films, but a thorough and (sometimes) frustrating discussion of a painful subject. Take a listen and let us know what you think -  As always our thanks and appreciation. 

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