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Ohhhhh this is a heavy one . . . On this week's episode of WatchThis W/RickRamos, Ibrahim & I take a look at documentary filmmaker, Errol Morris (who shot to fame with the 1988 documentary          THE THIN BLUE LINE, challenging the guilt of Texas Death Row inmate Randall Dale Adams). On this first of a two part episode we discuss the former private investigator's profiles of Vietnam War Era Secretary of Defense, Robert S. McNamara (THE FOG OF WAR: ELEVEN LESSONS FROM THE LIFE OF ROBERT S. McNAMARA - 2003) and THE UNKOWN KNOWN.  2013's examination of Secretary of Defense during the George W. Bush Presidency, Donald Rumsfield.  Tying all of this together we discuss his 2008 expose of Abu Ghraib prison, STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE.  Yeah, it's a long episode, but it's also an episode that challenged our beliefs and ideas regarding both of these men and war in general.  Thank You For Your Continued Support.  Questions, Comments, Problems, and Support can all be sent to 

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